Bespoke Mobile Data Capture Systems

Designed for production shopfloor, warehouse or roaming users, tailored exactly to your needs.

See a tailored demo in 3 days. Have an initial launch in 3 weeks.

New tasks added via simple API
Real time reporting on large screen, office PC or tablet
Assign a Workflow to new tasks
Midflow updates keeping complete audit trail of activities
Use mobile app to:
  • Follow instructions
  • Capture data
  • Take photos
  • Scan barcodes
  • Or simply just confirm done
Confirm task complete and pass results to ERP via an API
Cloud datastore with real time capability, available from all locaions and all devices
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Contact us now for a free demo that will be tailored to your needs

You will receive a demo that can be used on your mobile or tablet.

Specifically tailored to your business requirements so you can best see and test how it will work in your scenario.

A demo can be done in 3 days, and we would typically look to launch a working system in 3 weeks.


The Approach

  • Using our mobile focused workflow engine (Werkabots™) as a base, we can quickly create a bespoke system tailored to your exact requirements.
  • There's a simple to use API to push tasks into the system from an external source such as job tickets from an ERP or orders from a website.
  • As tasks are pushed into the system they can be attached to a variety of workflows as defined by your needs.
  • Workflow screens can be used to do all or any of the following, display instructions for users to follow, data capture, take a photo, scan a barcode or simply just for confirmation of task completion.
  • Workflows can be assigned to users or stations. Individual tasks within a workflow can have different assignments. Subsequent tasks can be assigned manually or automatically based on a template.
  • At the end of the workflow, or at the end of each task, external systems can be automatically updated if they have a web standards based API.
  • All activities during the workflow are tracked, leaving an audit trail of what's been done.

The business benefits

  • Our platform is both advanced in functionality and easy to adapt, making it extremely quick for us to create a workflow that is tailored to your exact needs.
  • Typically we would look to launch the initial release in 3 weeks. Allowing us to quickly take real user feedback.
  • There's no infrastructure requirements, the system is fully managed by us and hosted securely on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • We use an agile Kanban style methodology to all our development projects. This gives you full visibility of progress, allowing you to give early feedback at all stages.
  • As well as a bespoke workflow, we can also build a custom dashboard for use on a large screen. The information is dynamically updated in real time as your tasks move through the system.

The technical details

  • The core of our platform is built on top of the Firebase product from Google. It has out of box functionalities for authentication, app development, auto scaling and real time updates. This is further supplimented by other services from the Google Cloud Platform of which we have over 7 years of experience.
  • The platform is based on a serverless architecture, it allows us to focus solely on delivering app functionality and not having to worry about standing up and maintaining our own servers (physical or virtual).
  • All our apps are developed with a mobile first methodology. The interfaces we build leverages tablet and mobile technologies such as swiping, notifications, camera integration and barcode reading.