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We build and support your SASS applications.

Get your free demo in 3 days and a working system in 3 weeks

What we love doing.

Fast agile projects. 3 days to a demo, 3 weeks to initial launch.

Developing MVPs from initial idea through to launch and beyond.

Use our startup experience to get your system to users quickly.

Help you build the back office infrastructure to support your growing needs.

Virtual CTO for Startups

Hire an experienced CTO to help your dream startup get up and running quickly.

Handheld Data Capture Systems

Data capture engine designed for handhelds with a workflow bespoke for your needs.

Google Cloud Development

Tap into our expertise in using the Google Cloud to deliver your project via an agile and iterative approach.

This is how we do it.

We strive to continuously upgrade our expertise in the use of the Google Cloud Platform

App Engine

Google App Engine allows us to develop web applications using our favourite language Python. It's auto scaling and built in infrastructure services allows us to focus on the application logic for each project, without the need to worry abou the infrastructure side.

Cloud Datastore

We love using this easy to use NoSQL service. The object based storage allows us to build apps using a model based approach without the need for a complex object-relational mapping layer. The data is replicated across multiple centres and auto scales as traffic increases.

Cloud Storage

The ability to upload and store large files (e.g. movies and images) is a common requirement for modern applications. Cloud Storage allows us to easily store these and not have to worried about their delivery as this is all handled by Google's infrastructure.

Machine Learning

Build AI driven apps using Speech API, Translation API and Vision API. For more powerful requirements the Machine Learning Engine, built on the powerful Tensorflow framework, can be used to develop custom solutions.

About Us.

At i-tao we've been working with Google App Engine since it's initial release in 2008. Delivering our first commercial application on GAE in summer of 2010.

Since then, our knowledgebase of cloud based development has grown significantly in-line wth the rapid constant enhancements of the Google Cloud Platform.

If you are looking to see how you can run you business on Google's infrastructure, contact us now, we have the expertise to help.

With our rapid development projects you can be seeing a demo in 3 days and a usuable product launched in 3 weeks. Contact us now and you could be quickly seeing your next project deployed on the Google Cloud Platform.

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