Virtual CTO for Startups

A kickstart service to help your dream startup get up and running quickly.

Engine Start

Our Approach

Simple approach based on best practices

  • Develop an understanding of your business vision
  • Work with you to develop a product strategy based on that vision
  • Work with you to design initial mockups
  • Translate that to a development plan
  • Create the application infrastructure
  • Build and launch the MVP

The business benefits

Leverage our startup experience

  • We can help you define your minimum viable product, bringing both technical input and prior startup knowledge.
  • You don't have to worry about the technology and the infrastructure, allowing you to focus on customer acquisition and defining the functionality to satisfy them.
  • Great product companies have four things in common: a clear product vision; a product strategy; a set of priorities; and a way to measure outcomes. We have the experience of working through that process and setting up everything you need to help you succeed.
  • Depending on your business model, post launch we can either work with you to recruit an in-house technology team or continue to support and develop the product as an outsourced team.
  • London, UK based team.
  • Additonal benefits

    • Web site traffic analytics setup.
    • Customer engagement software setup e.g. Intercom.
    • CRM setup, custom build or off the shelf.
    • Recurring subscription payment system setup and management.
    • Setup payroll and Xero based accounting services with our accounting partner.
    • We can take care of all your back office needs.

The Technology

Our go-to platform uses a microservices based architecture that utilises some of the best offerings available on the Google Cloud

Startup architecture
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The Virtual CTO service is an affordable offering that will help your startup launch quickly.